Divine chocolate Iced Mocha

We've got some Divine drinking chocolate with a 'short shelf life offer'. It'll be fine for ages but we need to discount the stock we have. Both the Divine Chocolate and the Divine Salted Caramel are suitable for vegans and you can take 50% OFF.

We asked Hebe to create a simple way of using this beautiful Divine chocolate. She's been working in the Hollybush Centre Cafe in Leeds and so used her newly aquired skills to come up with a simple Vegan Iced Mocha recipe in an instant.

Hebe's made a little video to help.

Vegan Iced Mocha


1/3 cup milk (any plant based milk will do)
1/3 cup strong brewed cold coffee, we recommend Tanzania and Nicaragua rich roast ground
1/3 cup Vegan Divine hot chocolate (cooled)
A handful of ice

*Add sugar to taste if required. Traidcraft Fair Trade Golden Caster Sugar works well.


Make the coffee and chocolate in advance and leave to cool. Add all the ingredients together in a large glass and give it a really good stir.

Hebe likes to put it in a smoothie blender for a second or two so the ice gets a little chopped up, but don’t worry if you haven’t got one. And my teenage son adds a scoop of ice cream and sprinkles some Divine chocolate powder, but I think that’s a bit over the top too. Best to keep it simple, although if you have a sweet tooth you can always add some Traidcraft sugar*.

All of the cocoa in Divine chocolate is grown in Ghana by Kuapa Kokoo, a co-operative of cocoa farmers who own the largest share of the Divine company. It means the cocoa farmers receive 44% of the profits. The chocolate is sweetened with sugar from Kasinthula, a Fairtrade co-operative in Malawi and flavoured with creamy vanilla from Fairtrade farmers in Madagascar.

Divine Iced Mocha

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