Update on gebana products

We are saddened to share that gebana are no longer able to supply their delicious fairtrade fresh fruit, dried fruit, nuts and coffee.

We have had the pleasure of partnering with gebana, as the only supplier in the UK, over the last 5 years to bring you their hugely popular products.

We successfully shipped tons of fresh oranges, lemons, grapefruit, kiwi and clementines, direct from the farmer to your doors. We were overwhelmed with the positive feedback we received from our customers. Their oranges, dried mango and espresso coffee beans in particular have been a massive hit with many customers returning for more.

Gebana is a unique company suppling ethically grown organic produce direct from farmers straight to your doorstep. They form strong relationships with the farmers they work with to help them become sustainable. ‘gebana provides us with support for organic cultivation. This is important, because thanks to being organic we get more money for our fruit. So through mango production I can cover the costs of my family.’ Abdoulaye Coulibaly, Koua, Burkina Faso.


Sadly, due to rising costs and the ongoing complications with imports and exports, gebana made the difficult decision to put shipments to the UK on hold. Struggles at the borders, as a result in part to changes post Brexit meant that shipments in the last 2 years were being delayed, resulting in quality issues with the produce. This is all extremely frustrating for us and we know we are not alone with the challenges we and many other businesses like us are now facing.

Our remaining stock of dried fruit, nuts and coffee will be the last we are able to offer for the foreseeable future, so get your hands on it whilst you still can. The Brooks variety mango is a personal favourite of mine and I have been known to devour a 1kg bag in a time period that is probably not good for me! But it is extremely moreish!

We wish gebana much success to continue to ‘lead the way in sustainable trade and continue to work towards changing global trade in favour of family farmers, local communities and the environment’ and hope that ethical shop can work with them again in the future.