Moving up the prize ladder

Our heartfelt congratulations go to authors Lisa Allen-Agostini, Yvonne Bailey-Smith, Sabba Khan and Zara Slattery this month as their books win or are shortlisted for several prizes.


The Bread The Devil Knead

Alethea Lopez is about to turn 40. Fashionable, feisty and fiercely independent, she manages a boutique in Port of Spain, but behind closed doors she’s covering up bruises from her abusive partner and seeking solace in an affair with her boss. When she witnesses a woman murdered by a jealous lover, the reality of her own future comes a little too close to home.

Shortlisted, Women's Prize for Fiction 2022


The Day I Fell Off My Island

Jamaica, 1968: Erna Mullings’ life is near perfect, living in a remote village with her beloved grandparents. That is, until the day her three younger siblings are torn from the family home and taken to London to live with their biological father. Now, the world that Erna knows is set to change irrevocably.

Shortlisted, Author's Club First Novel Award 2022



A beautifully painted graphic novel and a visual diary recording the monstrous and mundane, COMA is an astonishing record of one woman’s will to survive against the overwhelming pull of the deep.

Shortlisted, Graphic Medicine Award 2022


The Roles We Play

Sabba Khan’s debut graphic memoir explores what identity, belonging and memory mean for her and her family against the backdrop of this history. She paints a vivid snapshot of contemporary British Asian life and investigates the complex shifts experienced by different generations within migrant communities.

Winner, Jhalak Prize 2022