Now shipping overseas!

Overseas Deliveries

We can now send a gift overseas, or you can order from anywhere. Many shops have found it impossible to navigate the post Brexit confusion, but we can now send your order to our European neighbours and beyond. A relevant shipping rate will be determined by the delivery address. It’s as easy as that. You can take advantage of this if you live outside the UK or if you live within the UK and want to send a parcel overseas.

Shipping may take up to 10 days and express services are unavailable for orders outside of the UK. Our shipping rates have been carefully calculated and for orders sent within the EU, there should not be any additional duty charges. However, please note for orders outside of the EU, some customs or duty charges may apply.

Shipping rates are as follows:

  • Republic of Ireland Standard Delivery: £12.50 
  • Europe Standard Delivery: £16.00 
  • Rest of World Standard Delivery: £25.00 (+ duty if applicable)