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About New Internationalist Shops

The New Internationalist shop contains a wide range of ethical products, from fair trade to recycled, from organic to sustainably powered. Many of the books are published by New Internationalist and there are both gift items and household products. Look out for our regular sales!
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Pachamama is a small company importing knitwear and clothing from Ecuador and Nepal. The ethos is respect for suppliers and the environment. Hence the name - Pachamama, meaning Earth Mother in Quechua, the ancient language of the Incas. All the goods are handmade, utilizing artisan skills, and through fair trade providing much needed employment and income to mainly subsistence farmers, who supplement their income by making the products. They are committed to providing year round orders to suppliers and to nurture long-term and sustainable relationships with the craftspeople.


Each month we highlight one of our ethical suppliers.

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