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The Bucket List

The Bucket List The Bucket List is a new discovery list of bold and truthful writing for children and young people, with lots to love for adults too. From graphic novels to YA and 8-12 fiction to picture books, these are quite simply books we believe in, voices we want to hear and stories that need to be told.

This is a huge passion project for us all – every book on the list is one we believe really matters. They’re smart books, clear-eyed books, entertaining, hard-hitting, thoughtful and thought-provoking. They trust young readers to think, to feel and to discriminate. There’s a strong visual strand but whether it’s words, pictures or a combination of both, the whole list is about damn good storytelling. We want to introduce readers to new and exciting voices with new stories to tell and something to say. We want our publishing to touch your heart, broaden your horizons, enrich your life and fire you up!