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Rapanui Rapanui is an Award-Winning Eco-fashion brand from on the Isle of Wight. We started our company to solve sustainability problems in fashion with better design and technology. Products we design and produce are made from more sustainable materials like organic cotton, rPET or British Wool, in an ethically accredited, wind powered factory. You'll also find cutting-edge low waste printing technology, and incentivised material recovery: Every Rapanui product has a value that can be recovered at the end of its life, by freeposting it back, even with your custom print on it. And you can trace the origins of everything we make, from seed to shop.

Our aim is to try and make it easy, fast and convenient for people to find out where clothing comes from, how it is made and who made it. Our belief is that rather than leverage guilt, designers should provide better information and cleaner products that solve problems when people buy them. Our hope, and our experience suggests, that consumers who have good information will go ahead and make better choices. And so at Rapanui we focus on one thing: Solve the sustainability challenges in fashion through design and technology, and empower consumers to vote with their wallet by making the information convenient, accessable and the products cool and functional. We can't beat an unsustainable economy by arguing with it, but we can join in and turn things around from the inside, one product at a time.