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Little Trove

Little Trove Little Trove ( is a UK based fair trade social enterprise, seeking to empower people in developing countries out of poverty, through trade. They sell contemporary fair trade products, ethically and sustainably sourced, and reinvest the profits back into the local supplier communities.

Little Trove believes in the essential worth and dignity of people, and that business, done fairly, should change the lives of all involved. As they say, decent working conditions, respect and fair trading terms aren’t costs of doing business. They are basic human rights. So they source only from suppliers who are working their way out of poverty, and treat them ethically and with the dignity that is theirs by right. It’s the essence of fair trade.

Little Trove does this while giving you the very best products their artisans can make. These artisans include the Red Light Initiative, an anti-trafficking initiative in South Africa, small local producers in Indonesia & Thailand and several projects in India including Lydia, working with the poor and Dalit (Untouchable) community of Secunderabad and the Bethany Leprosy Colony in Andhra Pradesh. The photo frames featured this season are made by a small producer in Moradabad, using natural materials, and the cushions are made by seamstresses in Jaipur using their traditional embroidery skills.

Little Trove practises the principles of fair trade enunciated by the World Fair Trade Organisation, and are a proud member of BAFTS – the British Association for Fair Trade Shops.