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Hempen Hempen is a workers’ cooperative, creating sustainable livelihoods and making decisions based upon principles rather than profit. Hemp has a rich and diverse history with a wide range of environmental and health benefits. Anything wood can do, hemp can do better! Also cotton, plastic, food, cleaning products...the more we learn about it the more benefits we find. We believe in the power of hemp to provide a better world for everyone. All the money we make goes back into the cooperative, to support our vision of a fair economy, to pay fair wages and support other ethical projects.

We are dedicated to organics, innovation, improving seed quality and providing the highest quality hemp products. Volunteers are always welcome on site, and we are looking to develop the potential hemp-based economy with people and structures who share our goals. We are starting small but our aim is to support the global mission to use and cultivate efficient and sustainable products from hemp that can benefit both people and the planet in harmony with nature.