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People First Economics

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People First Economics

How can we rein in the beasts unleashed by the free market economy? Some of the world's greatest thinkers, writers and leaders propose the answers.

Chomsky * Klein * George * Bello * Monbiot * Morales

Plus an extract from The Spirit Level by Wilkinson and Pickett

Aiming to be motivating and inspirational, People First Economics is a timely book that demonstrates clearly and comprehensively just why economics must be about more than business, finance and system that suits the minority of the world's people at the ever-increasing expense of the majority. The publishers, New Internationalist, challenge us to read it and ask yourself this: will you settle for the patching up of a failing economic model or, like this passionate group of writers, will you be part of the radical rethink that's only just beginning ad stand up and fight for what really matters in life?

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I can't think of many books that explain what has gone wrong so clearly, but also that doesn't hold back in proposing radical changes.

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Vanessa Baird and David Ransom have gathered a passionate group of writers, activists, leaders and thinkers to seize this opportunity to replace deep-rooted problems with well-founded solutions.

People First Economics buzzes with inspiration and action. Evo Morales promotes his 10 step programme to save the world, life and humanity; Michel Albert advocates a classless alternative to capitalism; Naomi Klein encourages public revolt…. It also includes a chapter by Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett, authors of the bestselling and influential The Spirit Level.

This book is about more than economics. It’s about radical changes that are social, moral and ecological, and it provides the opportunity to rethink what really matters in life.

Exciting and radical activists and thinkers, such as Naomi Klein, Noam Chomsky, Walden Bello and Susan George, set the agenda for ‘economic democratization’. People First Economics covers everything from the green revolution and feminist economics to what we can learn from history and a 10-step economic detox. In doing so it provides the opportunity to rethink what really matters in life.

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