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NI471 New Internationalist April 2014 Issue [SOLD OUT]

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NI471 New Internationalist April 2014 Issue [SOLD OUT]


This has been described as 'the age of the whistleblower'. The activities of Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange have produced disclosures of an unprecedented scale and impact. Whistleblowers are both lionized - Snowden has been nominated for several awards - and despised in the eyes of some. But even while we praise their courage, our treatment of people who expose uncomfortable truths is deeply ambivalent and often harsh in the extreme. It makes whistleblowing, in the words of someone who has done it, 'a near suicidal vocation'

This month's New Internationalist takes a closer look at the people who feel compelled to expose wrongdoings, even if it means losing their jobs, their friends, their relationships, their freedom, their citizenship. What makes them tick? What can be done to ensure they are listened to and protected from the almost inevitable wave of retaliation? And are these individuals making us rethink what we mean by democracy, security and citizenship?

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New Internationalist tackles today’s most challenging global issues, confronts inequality and injustice and reports on positive changes happening around the world. An established leader of independent media since 1973, New Internationalist is written for our readers and funded by them. We have no media baron breathing down our necks or corporate advertisers telling us what to do.

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