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NI470 New Internationalist March 2014 Issue

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  • Commodities Issue

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NI470 New Internationalist March 2014 Issue

Hooked on Commodities

The economies of the South were warped by colonialism,. The colony's role was to ship raw materials to the imperial 'centre' - and to provide a market for manufactured exports from the centre. Eduardo Galeano, in his classic Open Veins of Latin America, described this dynamic as 'the endless chain of dependency'.

Decolonisation didn't help. Corrupt local politicians, profit-driven corporations and a global trading system tilted to favour the rich nations meant that the 'extractive model' of development bypassed the majority.

This month's New Internationalist examines the world's voracious appetite for raw materials and the explosive growth of mineral exploration around the globe. Commodity prices surged from 2002 to 2012 during the 'commodities super cycle'. But will this boom continue and will it make a difference in a global system stacked against the poor nations?

We look at commodity dependency from Wast Kalimantan, to Madagascar, to Canada's tar sands and ask what is means for communities whose lands and livelihoods are threatened.

And we try to answer the most pressing question of all: how can countries control and manage their natural resources for the greater good?

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New Internationalist tackles today’s most challenging global issues, confronts inequality and injustice and reports on positive changes happening around the world. An established leader of independent media since 1973, New Internationalist is written for our readers and funded by them. We have no media baron breathing down our necks or corporate advertisers telling us what to do.

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