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NI465 New Internationalist September 2013 Issue

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NI465 New Internationalist September 2013 Issue

Pirates: the arrgh-ther side of the story

Since 2008, piracy has exploded, particularly in Somalia, but also in new sites off West Africa. This issue of New Internationalist takes a look at the phenomenon as experienced by seafarers, fishers, tuna fish and the pirate rank-and-file.

Who are the Somali pirates? How did a few thousand ill-equipped men manage to cast the global economy a purported $18 billion? And what is the world missing by casting Somalia as a failed state with pirate villains?

World powers have unleashed a massive naval response to ward off the sea bandits. But at what cost? With unaccountable private armed guards flooding the oceans and the death toll of innocent fishers rising, we take a critical look at counter-piracy efforts to protect global trade.

Writers also delve into the rights of victims of piracy - primarily Indonesian and Filipino seafarers - in a notoriously cut-throat shipping industry.

And we report on the rise of 'petro-piracy' in West Africa's Gulf of Guinea, as Nigerian militants take oil theft on to the high seas.<

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