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NI463 New Internationalist June 2013 Issue

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  • Argentina's Challenge

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NI463 New Internationalist June 2013 Issue

Argentina's Challenge
Is your business going bust? Then kick out the bosses and run it yourselves!

Are the big beasts of international finance wiping the floor with your economy? Tell them to take a running jump!

Argentina has been where some Western economies are now - broke and on its knees. But its people devised bold and creative ways to deal with their problems - solutions that persist to this day. The challenges have not gone away, there is still a lot to do, and the reality is far from perfect. But there have been some major victories - especially in the area of jobs, quality of life and civil liberties. From being one of Latin America's cruellest military states the country has become a human rights pioneer.

Next month's issue takes you to the complex land of the tango, where frustration and inspiration continue to do a fiery pas de deux.

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New Internationalist tackles today’s most challenging global issues, confronts inequality and injustice and reports on positive changes happening around the world. An established leader of independent media since 1973, New Internationalist is written for our readers and funded by them. We have no media baron breathing down our necks or corporate advertisers telling us what to do.

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