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NI459 New Internationalist Jan/Feb 2013 Issue

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NI459 New Internationalist Jan/Feb 2013 Issue

The feral rich

Inside this issue:
The feral rich… are always with us, but ever richer and more savage. With the war on the poor in full swing – under the rubric of ‘austerity’ – we are witnessing the rise of heartless plutocracy, and the seemingly inexorable increase of ‘trickle upwards’. What can we do to stop the feckless rich, as they ravage economies to feather their nests? Should they be allowed to have children, given the carbon footprints they create? Do they need parenting lessons to instil their insulated offspring with core social values and basic self-discipline? Can we stop them looting not only present but future natural wealth? Is it possible to teach them when enough is enough?

And for something completely different… we bring some good news from Greece, where people- and planet-centred alternatives are being grown in the harshest of economic climates.

Plus inside:
The unreported year in pictures
Crackdown in Ethiopia
Azerbaijan’s pompous kleptocrat
Jon Snow on Qada , Twitter and guinea worm
Why land rights are the only hope for peace in Colombia

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