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NI453 New Internationalist June 2012 Issue

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NI453 New Internationalist June 2012 Issue

Protection racket? Guide to the Rio+20 earth summit

Inside this issue:

Twenty years ago the world met in Rio to save the planet - with mixed results. June sees a major re-gathering - 'Rio+20: UN Conference on Sustainable Development' - which might decide a new course. The event is set to be heated and contentious. On the one side, corporations and the UN will be pushing a new 'Green Economy' agenda that emphasizes economic growth, technology and market based approaches. On the other, indigenous groups and many NGOs from both North and South will be promoting a human and nature-rights agenda that calls for a radical shift away from privatizing and commodifying the natural environment and towards protecting the global commons.

Plus Inside:

8 Great Greenwashers'
Award-winning essay: Doomsday no more - the Left looks beyond the crisis
Nike on the run
African grannies go solar
Bye bye welfare, hello workfare
Ghana's gold rush
Why American Jews are falling out of love with Israel

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