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eBook: The No-Nonsense Guide to International Migration

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eBook: The No-Nonsense Guide to International Migration

Unravels the paradoxes of global migration, making sense of an issue that's always in the headlines.

About the Author: Peter Stalker is a former co-editor of the New Internationalist who now works as a consultant to a number of UN agencies. He has written two books on migration for the International Labor Organization - The Work of Strangers: A Survey of International Labour Migration, and Workers without Frontiers: The impact of Globalization on International Migration.

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Virtually any commodity can move around the world to satisfy demand but human beings have far less freedom. Many would-be migrants are forced to risk life and limb traveling illegally. Yet most rich countries are short of workers, have shrinking populations and need more immigrants. This is a timely guide to a major issue that is never far from the political headlines.

'As a short book on a highly contentious subject, the No-Nonsense Guide to International Migration will prove useful to those who care about the topic because it clarifies the issues involved so thoroughly and presents lucid arguments in a very readable manner.' Bona Malwal, Editor of the Sudan Democratic Gazette

Format: ePub
Publication date: April 2008 (UK)
ISBN-13: 978-1-906523-61-9

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