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  • The Pathway Home Cards

    The Pathway Home Cards

    Ten cards of one design. Size: 15cm x 10.5cm.
  • Counter Power

    Counter Power

    Counterpower is the single idea which explains why social movements succeed or fail. It has helped win campaigns, secure human rights, stop wars and even bring down governments.

    'This is a wonderful, inspiring book. Tim Gee breathes new life into the protest movements of past and present so that we can draw strength from our many victories. There is much to learn here, and much to galvanise us in the struggle for social justice.'
    John Hilary, Executive Director, War on Want

    Size: 21.6cm x 13.8cm, 208 pages, paperback.

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    Introduction & Contents

  • Blacklisted: The Secret War between Big Business and Union Activists

    Blacklisted: The Secret War between Big Business and Union Activists

    Blacklisted tells the controversial story of the illegal strategies that transnational construction companies used to keep union activists away from work.
  • The No-Nonsense Guide to Global Terrorism

    The No-Nonsense Guide to Global Terrorism

    Political and moral analysis of the causes and contexts of terrorism the world over
  • NI480 New Internationalist March 2015 Issue

    NI480 New Internationalist March 2015 Issue

    The Great Green Energy Grab

    Renewables have the potential to be much more democratic and decentralized than fossil fuels, but in our urgency to tackle climate change, we may throw our support behind any and every renewable energy project without being discerning enough about the possible negative consequences. Yet, says Danny Chivers, if we avoid these traps and do renewables properly, they really could break the power of the current energy monopolies and change everything for the better - which is why the battle for their control is so fierce, and so important.

  • SOS Alternatives to Capitalism

    SOS Alternatives to Capitalism

    Combining the practical with the visionary, Richard Swift shows that finding alternatives to capitalism is no longer an academic issue for the left – it is an urgent planetary necessity.
  • Little Book of Big Ideas

    Little Book of Big Ideas

    Quotations and extracts providing the essence of the big ideas that have shaped our world.