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We follow an ethical buying policy for all products including fair trade items and materials from sustainable sources.
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  • Peace Dove Cards

    Peace Dove Cards

    Ten cards of one design. Size: 12cm x 12cm.
  •  2015 One World Calendar

    2015 One World Calendar

    12 powerful pictures to grace any wall. Large format, spiral bound, one month to view. Use as an art photography calendar or open up to reveal space for writing.
    Photo only view size: 56cm x 28cm. Open size: 56cm x 56cm. 26 pages, paperback, dual purpose layout.
    View: Monthly
  • 2015 One World Almanac

    2015 One World Almanac

    Enjoy 53 inspirational photos in this week- to-view diary. Its unique triangular sit-up format makes it perfect for your desk, but it also folds up neatly for your bag. Size: 21cm x 11cm.
    View: Weekly
  • Winter Birch Wood Cards

    Winter Birch Wood Cards

    Ten cards of one design. Size: 15cm x 10.5cm.
  • Christmas Chickadee Cards

    Christmas Chickadee Cards

    Ten cards of one design. Size: 12cm x 12cm.
  • Peters' Laminated Map

    Peters' Laminated Map

    The revolutionary Peters Projection presents countries in their true proportion to one another:
  • SOS Alternatives to Capitalism

    SOS Alternatives to Capitalism

    Combining the practical with the visionary, Richard Smith shows that finding alternatives to capitalism is no longer an academic issue for the left – it is an urgent planetary necessity.