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  • NI474 New Internationalist July/Aug 2014 Issue

    NI474 New Internationalist July/Aug 2014 Issue

    Feminism is undergoing a renaissance. Young women are at the fore, squaring up to sexism with humour, great bravery and digital tools. In this issue we take a look at the long to-do list of 21st-century feminists. What shapes does sexism take around the world? Where have women’s rights advanced or been set into reverse? What opportunities – and challenges- are presented by technology? And what risks are run by women at the frontline?

  • Kids Cook the World

    Kids Cook the World

    These healthy, easy and affordable family meals will help children appreciate fun, balanced cooking while learning how to prepare food themselves.

    "A beautiful and inspiring family cookbook." Marco Pierre White

    Size: 28cm x 21.6cm, 96 pages, paperback.
    Publication date: 1 August 2011
  • People First Economics

    People First Economics

    How can we rein in the beasts unleashed by the free market economy? Some of the world's greatest thinkers, writers and leaders propose the answers.

    Chomsky * Klein * George * Bello * Monbiot * Morales

    Plus an extract from The Spirit Level by Wilkinson and Pickett
  • No Nonsense Guide to World Food - New Edition

    No Nonsense Guide to World Food - New Edition

    In this updated edition of The No-Nonsense Guide to World Food Wayne Roberts puts under the microscope a global food system that is under strain from climate change and from economic disaster. He shows how a world food system based on supermarkets and agribusiness corporations is unsustainable and looks at new models of producing healthy food from all over the world.
  • Small Planet Vegetarian Cookbook

    Small Planet Vegetarian Cookbook

    Planet-friendly global mezze. Delicious low-impact dishes to help wean you off meat-eating, whether it's one day a week or forever. By Troth Wells. Size: 25cm x 18cm, 256 pages, hardback.
  • Co-operative Revolution

    Co-operative Revolution

    A graphic novel, in this International Year of the Co-op, Co-operative Revolution illustrates the history and enduring appeal of this robust business model. By Polyp. Size: 24cm x 17cm, 80 pages
  • The No-Nonsense Guide to Fair Trade - New Edition

    The No-Nonsense Guide to Fair Trade - New Edition

    Author: Sally Blundell

    A completely new investigation of the fair trade phenomenon, from the origins to what it is likely to become.